Who Are We?

RepeaT for Kids was created to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of children.

During our one hour sessions children will.....

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We are a super friendly, non-competitive group, where children who struggle to manage strong emotions, lack self confidence or find it hard to make friends can thrive. Sessions take place in our amazing Rainforest themed unit, which has been designed to be calming and inviting. During our sessions, we provide activities to support emotional wellbeing, improve social skills and build confidence. Our sensory unit has something to keep children of all ages entertained during freeplay. We believe we have created a place, where children can be children, go at their own pace, not feel judged or pressured and be part of a warm friendly group that value and celebrate children for simply being themselves.

In addition to our face to face sessions we also have a selection of guided meditations/bedtime stories that can be purchased in an audio format.

These Bedtime Stories/Guided Meditations relax children, enabling them to drift off into a peaceful sleep. Children can be transported to magical lands, becoming part of exciting adventures, turning bedtime into an enjoyable experience and contributing to a healthy sleep pattern.